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    Just days after playing a head-turning role at the big Royal wedding, Pippa Middleton grabbed the media attention for some different reasons. Sister of newly-married Kate Middleton and Maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, shot to sudden fame by wowing viewers with her fabulous figure at the royal do. She is dressed in a lavender-coloured bra and a flimsy skirt as she is pictured enjoying a provocative dance with a man wearing only his boxer shorts.

    pippa middleton underwear

    After she stole the show at Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, she was plagued by embarrassing photographs published by the U.S. websites. She was left embarrassed as hosts of websites in the U.S. have published some private pictures of the 27-year-old in her underwear, purple push up bra and a flimsy white slip.

    pippa middleton underwear

    Middleton has been working as an event and party organiser since graduating from the University Of Edinburgh in 2007- where most of her partying took place, like a typical student. Pippa Middleton is known as a bit of a party girl.

    pippa middleton underwear

    Since leaving Edinburgh University she has been hanging out with the young royals and aristo party set, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Chelsy Davy and Holly Branson.

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    Cewek Tanpa Bra

    Cewek Tanpa Bra. Price is not the only one we have to consider when buying a particular clip in extensions. The most important feature to consider is the quality of the hair, the thickness of the whole and how that regulates construction. The correct combination of these factors will ensure that we buy good quality clip in hair extensions that will give us the look we want and will last longer. Our hair can be the best and most important our fashion accessories and good quality clip in hair extensions to add to this significantly. Factors beginning to think about when buying clip on hair extensions for hair is high quality. To achieve a natural look for our hair extensions it is important to choose products made from 100% Remy human hair. Many clip in extensions are made from a combination of real human hair and synthetic hair may look realistic but will not give us the ability to treat hair like our own.

    Cewek Tanpa Bra

    Cewek Tanpa Bra

    Cewek Tanpa Bra

    Amy Adams Bra Size: 32B

    Amy Adams is a sensational American actress, known for her role in movies such as Catch Me If You Can and Enchanted.

    Pippa Middleton Bra
    After her appearance at the Royal Wedding last Friday, there's been huge interest in the 'bridesmaid' that she may be struggling to cope with. Today, she is discovering the downside of that sudden fame after a host of websites in the U.S. got hold of some private pictures of the 27-year-old in her underwear - and published them.

    Amanda Holden Bra Size
    Amanda Holden Bra Size
    36 cup size

    Amanda Holden Bra Size
    Amanda Holden Bra Size
    36 cup size

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    The other day on my lunch break, I stopped by my neighborhood Victoria's Secret store to try on the new Miraculous Push-Up Bra. You know…the one that adds two cup sizes. Yeah, that one. In the dressing room, I put on the bra and it instantly transformed my small B’s into generous D’s…truly miraculous. But the true test was when I slipped my sweater back on, over top of the Miraculous Bra. That’s when my eyes bugged out of my head. The reflection in the full-length mirror was a surprising optical illusion. It was as if I was looking at Jessica Rabbit’s body with my head perched on top. Once you take the bra for a test drive, you'll understand why the tagline for this bra is "Hello, Bombshell"…it's cuz it looks like you're smuggling weapons of mass destruction under your top.

    If ever there was a bra that delivered on its promises, it's this one. But there are some major caveats. Though the Miraculous Push-Up is available in sizes AA through DD, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with more than a B cup. While I was blown away by the bra, I would have felt totally inappropriate wearing it anytime other than Friday or Saturday nights; this is definitely not one to don under your work wear, unless you work at Hooters.

    I’m small on top with wide hips and a lil junk in the trunk, so I had hoped that the Miraculous Push-Up would help balance me out. What it ended up doing is making me appreciate what God gave me (or rather, didn't give me). So instead of paying $48-52 for a bra I would only wear on rare occasions, I've decided to just shake what Mama Spoiled Pretty gave me.

    Update: After telling Mr. Spoiled Pretty about this post and my experience with the Miraculous Push-Up, he suggested I return to the store and buy it.

    Get a free Beauty Rush Lip Gloss with a bra fitting at Victoria's Secret.

    Print the above image and bring it to your local Victoria's Secret store (excluding outlets and Canadian stores) for your free lip gloss. Limit one free lip gloss per customer per day while items last. Offer valid through November 15, 2009. Not valid on previous bra fittings or with any other coupon or introductory offer. Can be combined with Angel Rewards.

    Alphard deny slander hurled at him at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
    KUALA LUMPUR - famous actors, Fazura vehemently denied allegations that he had undergone surgery to enlarge breast. "It's stupid story makes no sense," he said when asked about the matter at a press conference launching Herve Leger fragrance products Avon beauty products here.
    Fazura whose real name is Nur Fazura Syarifalludin, 27, is accused of surgery by an entertainment portal,

    Portal claimed that silicone in breast actress broke causing him to undergo treatment at Hospital Serdang near here on March 1 last. Alphard is now awaiting approval of visas to go to Mecca for the drama filmed Tahajud Love insists, is simply shameful slander, but he forgave those who had defamed him.

    pick Healthy Bra for women
    for make choice of Healthy Bra for women.
    Healthy Bra picky Once you know breast care tips, you also need to address the size, material and shape of bra. A bra that does not fit with your breasts could be loh disease. The most dominant bra made of polyester, cotton, nylon or a mixture of material with elastane and Lycra for stretchy.
    If you are allergic to these ingredients should be observed earlier. In addition to material, size also so very important benchmark. Every day breast locked in a bra, it's time you thought about how the flexibility of growth and health of your breasts. Everyone has a variety of breast sizes. By wearing the right bra your breast forms shortcomings can be overcome. Small Breast To lift the breasts and try to form grooves balcony style bra. You can choose with or without foam. The impression of fuller breasts that you can present with a half-cup bra model. Or a bra with foam on the sides or bottom to lift the breasts to the fullest. But you can also choose a bra wired to accentuate the cleavage. Big Breasts Choose a bra with a big cup to cover the full breasts and make a better appearance. Or it could be a wired bra down to lift your breasts and look more sexy. Choose a bra with shoulder straps and chest straps are wider for stronger lift the breast. To change the view so impressed smaller, use a minimalist without much lace bra and knick-knacks. Bra Size You Already Agree? When you try to choose a bra there are some things you can do to find out if the bra was enough to make your breasts feel uncomfortable. Try doing this:
    1. Pull Breath deeply, if your chest feels comfortable. Do not let bra makes it difficult to breathe and feel confined. Thorough also whether the position of the bra strap does not make the spine pain or bruising.
    2. Try to raise your hand, if the bra was also lifted? Are you constantly adjusted her bra strap? Looks like you have to get rid of the bra.

    3. Try to use for several hours. Feel the development of breasts and body. Do you feel pain in the spine? Or your shoulders? This time you must act.
    Convenience certainly makes your breasts will also be free to move. Take very good care of your valuable assets of this.....

    healthy ways to use silicone bra.
    healthy ways to use silicone braThe use of silicone bra more attractive because it can provide faster and greater effect on the breast without using ropes. But the use of silicone bra is not completely secure. There are some healthy ways to wear them.
    Silicone bra insert silicone material on the cups and without the use of the rope at all. This type of bra designed specifically for the use of a party dress or shirt that opens at the back.
    But the use of silicon material makes the bra is not completely secure. In theory, a bra made of silicone and polyurethane film can last for several years, even if used everyday.
    But it should be noted that the silicon in this bra can leak and enter the body through skin pores or irritate skin.healthy use silicone braReporting from eHow on Thursday (09/16/2010), there are some healthy ways to use silicone bra:
    1. Silicone bra size right
    Make sure you use a bra with the right size, not oversized and not too tight.
    2. Bath before use silicone bra
    Before using these bras, make sure you shower with a clean or at least clean up the chest with a wet towel. This serves to remove dirt and sweat, which could become a nest breeding bacteria. Once clean, do not forget to dry it with dry towel.
    3. No part of bras which leaky
    Make sure no part of bra cups that leaked, so there is no risk of silicone out which can cause discomfort in the breast.
    4. Not using silicone bra more than 8 hours
    Reporting from the Telegraph, a large silicone bra company Marks & Spencer (M & S) has warned customers not to use the product more than 8 hours. This warning is unwarranted, because the content of silicone bras that give 'the handle' and feel tight, can cause skin irritation in some users.
    Not using silicone bra more than 8 hours5. Make sure the bra that use clean or replace regular bra
    It should be noted that the outer layer of silicone bra made of plastic. When touching the skin, the sweat, dust and odors can be attached to the plastic surface. So not surprisingly, sometimes silicone bra to smell of sweat after several times of usage.
    Besides the smell, the sweat can also increase bacterial growth. So, should replace silicone bra after two years of active use. In this way, you always have a bacteria-free silicone bra.


    Do not Wear Bra for 24 Hourfor Breast Health, Do not Wear Bra for 24 Hour

    Some women believe breast continually prop could avoid breast down. But the habit could actually trigger an increase in body temperature around a long time that breast cancer risk.
    Two scientists Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer his wife in 1991 to do research on how long an ideal time to wear a bra or topless women?
    The answer turned out to less than 12 hours. Women who want to avoid breast cancer should wear a bra in the shortest time possible, and preferably less than 12 hours per day.
    Singer and learn the habit of wearing a bra Grismaijer 4500 women in five cities across the United States. The result of his studies have been published in a book Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras.
    The study showed women who wore bras 24 hours a day most high-risk breast cancer. While women rarely wear a bra at least risk.

    Comparison of results of the study showed:

    1. 3 out of 4 women who wore bras 24 hours per day
    2. 1 of 7 women who wore bras more than 12 hours per day, but do not use while sleeping
    3. 1 of 152 women who wear bras less than 12 hours per day
    4. 1 of 168 women who rarely or never wearing a bra at all

    So the risk of women who wear a bra for 24 hours has 125 times the risk of breast cancer than those who rarely wear a bra.

    The best time to rest his breast without a bra is during sleep. "Do not sleep with a bra," said Sydney Singer, as quoted by chetday, Friday (04/23/2010).
    Massaging the breasts with a sigh each time removing her bra to smooth the flow of lymph and prevents the development of breast cancer.
    The lymphatic system is fully developed only in the breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so women who wear bras everyday and postpone having children who do not breastfeed may be exposed to higher risk of breast cancer.
    About 75 percent of women affected by breast cancer do not actually have a cancer risk factor. This suggests that the use of an ill-fitting bra or constantly wear a bra is a factor that can explain this.
    Bra size that is not appropriate or too tight can assist in the growth of breast cancer. Because the wrong bra can inhibit the neutralization of harmful chemicals in the body that cause cancer. And about 80 percent of women use the wrong bra.
    The main reason why a tight bra can be dangerous to health is because it can restrict the flow of lymph in the breast. Normally, lymph fluid wash waste material and other toxins, and also remove him from the breast.
    Using the bra is too long also increase the temperature of breast tissue, and women who wear bras had higher levels of the hormone prolactin (hormone that functions to stimulate the milk glands) is higher. Both of these can affect the formation of breast cancer.
    Source: DetikHealth

    the women, breast and brathe fact about women, breast and bra

    inspired by a small shopping. why are bras? hihihi.. was still taboo say bra carelessly, but I think now it's not animore. back to the question. yes if it was counted in most of my money that his budget to be allocated more clothing to buy underwear womens .. beginning of the embodiment of respect for ourselves is when we wear clothes in good. then why are bras? (Yes first bra was all the same if another language.)
    Women, Breast and bra, three things are interrelated. More corect sentence is possible: there are no female breast, no breast no bra, some women buy a bra .. we feel excited talking about breasts, women were often excited about this, not just talk about how to satisfy their partners with a breast, but more towards how to treat breast so as not to suddenly turn into vicious monsters that can be deadly. yes, in addition to a healthy diet to use election and also bras that can affect breast health. to choose a good bra can note the following:

    (1) Identify the correct shape and size of our breasts. If you have a big bust, choose a bra that can sustain without making it too "full". How to choose a bra that supports the wire, but avoid bras that are filled with foam. Except if we want make breast impression that 'spill', (just like drinks :D : mrgreen:). This so that large breasts can be sustained remains well without making it "extends" to the side. if small breasts, we can choose who has the foam and wired. This can lead full and useful impression beautify breast shape when we wear clothes.

    (2) choose the bra cups, according to the size and shape of the breast. do not let her cup instead make us like the use of artificial breast or even worsen the shape of the breast. to a small breasts can use the cup 3 / 4 for a fuller look. use a cup and a half is okay, as long assisted with menggukan "booster". This prevents the bra looks greatness.

    (3) Find the right bra brands that fit with the breast. Note the quality of materials, the suture to the model. make sure everything is in accordance with the form and our day-to-day activities. If you are confused about this ask the counter staff. (how about if bought at traditional markets ??) If bought in the market trasional we juast can asked the sale for it.

    (4) Use the appropriate type of bra uses and situations. Do not wear a bra-style sexy lingerie that is only made from a tissue if you want to jog or work out of the body in the gym, for example. I guarantee, in addition to the breast will not form a beautiful, will also feel uncomfortable when worn.

    (5) For the biscuits that are sensitive, choose a bra that does not use aliases formalin disinfectant chemicals for substances that can damage the skin of the breast. skin can be itchy, red or maybe even peel.

    (6) How to wear the right bra is not the first link in a new rotated front to back. That way it can make breasts squeezed until it feels uncomfortable. A good way, with direct cupped bra from the front, then fasten the hooks that remain in the rear position.

    (7) Always try first bra to buy. Do not just trust in size only. Make sure that the chest circumference and bra cup size for breast feels right.

    A good bra will not be good forever if we do not take good care ... and how do I wash a good bra? deh should try this one:

    1. Soak bra by using detergent (if it could be a ph balanced), after a moment (not for too long, about 15-20 minutes). wash it a few (if necessary). If the droppings are not naughty it is not advisable wash by hand or in brush. rinsed enough alone. Do not be blackmailed. Simply only in the foam. direct hang and let drip dry arnya.
    2. If washed by hand to water reduces the bra hand up enough with the way in gently. Do not rotate hard. but the squeeze pebagian for foam is not easily damaged and quickly but not stretchy.
    3. Highly not recommended washing bra using the washing machine. just make sure the washing machine can be set in hand wash and no need to use a dryer.
    4. time of season make sure all parts of the bra gets too hot. make it not directly exposed to the sun. Excessive heat makes a bra made of nylon or lycra quickly obsolete.

    source :

    how measure bra sizehow measure bra size

    Signs of redness and discomfort, or shortness of the time wearing a bra, is a signal that you are wearing the wrong bra size. Sandi Simon, of Bra Smyth, New Jersey, reveals that, if you do not have the time or there is no place to try a bra when going to buy it, then tried them at home is important to be done to ensure you have the right size to support your breast.
    There are two ways to measure bra size, ie, tape measure or a circular body and his cup. To try it, try wearing a bra without foam belongs to you, and hold the tape measure.
    breast size
    * The size of the body circumference: With a tape measure, measure the top of your ribs, right at the bottom of your breast. Make sure the tape is in a horizontal condition to obtain the most accurate figure. Measure in inches. If the size of an even number, add 4 inches, if the numbers show an odd number, add 5 digits. So, when you measure your body in figure 32, then the size of your bra band body circumference is 36. If the number on the tape measure shows the number 33, then your bra body circumference is 38.
    * Cup size: Place tape measure at the very front of your breasts, on the nipples. Make sure you measure it with the most comfortable circumstances, not too tight on the body. Round numbers to even numbers, then compute the difference between that number by the number of body size that you measured earlier. For example, the difference 1 inch from the cup size with the size of the circumference of the body, then this means your cup size is A. While the mean difference 2 inches B cup, 3-inch difference, mean cup C, and if different from 4 inches then cup size is D. it If the size of the circumference of your final agency had was 36, and cup size show number 38, then your cup size is B.

    source :

    Things that Make Breasts Not Healthy

    One of the female organs that need more attention is the breast. But many women sometimes do things wrong so it can destroy the beauty and health of the breast itself.
    The things that can affect the shape of the breast are pregnancy, lactation, menopause and age.
    Instead of a natural factor of the above there are some habits that affect women's breast health and beauty, as quoted from GuniusBeauty:
    1. The habit of sitting the wrong
    Women should consider how to seat, due to poor postural habits or way of sitting that one cause breast sagging. Therefore, always sit with the truth, because not only beneficial to the spine, but also to breast health.

    2. Weight fluctuations drastically
    Weight gain is the reason for the excessive stretching of the skin. If body weight increased and suddenly dropped to make skin soft and stretched. Fluctuations in body weight is not healthy to make the breast and the loss of ideals.

    3. The habit of sitting the wrong
    Women should consider how to seat, due to poor postural habits or way of sitting that one cause breast sagging. Therefore, always sit with the truth, because not only beneficial to the spine, but also to breast health.

    4. Incorrect bra size
    When choosing a bra is the most important look at the size. Incorrect bra size can make the breast is not healthy. Bra is too tight will damage the blood circulation could trigger breast cancer. While a loose bra can lead to stretching of the skin, especially for women who have large breasts. So choose the right size.
    5. Ultraviolet light
    Many people like to sunbathe on the beach with swimwear to get brownish skin. But apparently it can be harmful to breast health. In addition to burns, sunburn also causes loss of elasticity and the breasts increase risk of breast cancer.

    pic best size that suitable for your breast that make comfort your daily activity for your health.

    FreebRa silicone - Cup A, B, C, D bra sizeFreebRa silicone - Cup A, B, C, D SIZE product for women.

    there are 4 kinds BRA cup sizes on the market we must know:

    • A cup bra size small to about 32 bra
    • B cup bra size is approximately 34 bra
    • C cup bra size big enough for 36 bra
    • D cup bra size large 38 bra
    Freebra made of 100% polyurethane on the outer layer and lining 100% silicone on it. Very easy to use, removable and washable, soft, very natural, rested and perfectly formed breasts.
    Simply Used like BH, Small Breasts Big Jump So. can make Breast Plump, Sexy And Fast In short time without drugs - drugs and surgery.
    This is a smart solution for your small breasts, do not worry. Now there Breasts Made From Silicon Which Helps Small-breasted women, and Less Confidence.


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